The isspace function


The isspace function returns a value of type boolean, which indicates whether the parameter passed to it is a whitespace character (i.e. space, tab, linefeed, formfeed, or carriage return). If the parameter is a whitespace character then the value true is returned, and if the parameter is not a whitespace character then the value false is returned.


The isspace function's only parameter is an expression of char type.


   isspace(' ')     returns   true
   isspace(chr(9))  returns   true  (assuming chr(9) is TAB)
   isspace(chr(10)) returns   true  (assuming chr(10) is LINEFEED)
   isspace(chr(13)) returns   true  (assuming chr(13) is CARRIAGE RETURN)
   isspace('A')     returns   false
   isspace('6')     returns   false
   isspace('$')     returns   false


Operating Systems: All
Standard Pascal: No