char type


char is the type identifier for a built-in ordinal type with values of the current character set.


Below is a simple program that illustrates using char to do some file processing.

This program is used to count the number of vowels and the total number of 
characters in the input file.
NOTE: This program makes use of two features of Irie Pascal
1) If the user does not specify a command-line parameter to match the
program argument 'f' then 'f' is automatically assigned an empty string
as its filename.
2) If a file variable with an empty string as its filename is reset then
the standard input file is associated with the file variable.

The net effect of these two features is that if you run this program and
don't supply a program argument like "ivm vowels" then the program reads
from the standad input file. If you run this program with a program argument
like "ivm vowels filename" then the program will open "filename" and read
from it.
program vowels(f, output);
   f : file of char;
   tot, vow : integer;
   c : char;
   tot := 0;
   vow := 0;
   while not eof(f) do
         read(f, c);
         case c of
            'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u',
            'A', 'E', 'I', 'O', 'U'
               : vow := vow + 1;
         tot := tot + 1;
   writeln('Total characters read = ', tot);
   writeln('Vowels read = ', vow)


Operating Systems: All
Standard Pascal: Yes