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"4.12 Allow relaxed declaratons"

Standard Pascal (i.e. ISO/IEC 7185) requires that all declarations/definitions of the same kind must be made together in a single group and that the groups must appear in a specific order. NOTE: ISO/IEC 7185 is the standard for the Pascal porgramming language published by the Internation Organization for Standardization.

The order of declarations/definitions required by Standard Pascal is:

   Label declaration group
   Constant definition group
   Type definition group
   Variable declaration group
   sub-block declaration group

When this extension is enabled (it is by default), there can be more than one of each kind of group and groups can appear in any order except that, for declarations local to a function or procedure, the sub-block declaration group must be last.

See the Irie Pascal Programmer's Reference Manual (in "progref.html") for more information about declarations/definitions.

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