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3.2.1 Using the interpreter

The Irie Virtual Machine Interpreter is used to run Irie Virtual Machine executables. The Solaris/x86 and Solaris/Sparc editions of Irie Pascal contain two different versions of the interpreter (ivm and ivmdb). The only difference between these two versions is that ivm does not include support for database programming and will run whether or not you have MySQL installed, while ivmdb does include support for database programming (currently only MySQL databases are supported) but requires MySQL to be installed before it will run.

The interpreter should be run from a command-line prompt.

Once you are at a command-line prompt use the following syntax:

Syntax: ivm [filename] [arguments]

 where filename specifies the Irie Virtual Machine Executable to run.

 and [arguments] are program arguments passed to the executable.

NOTE: [x] indicates that x is optional.

For example if you compile the sample program hello.pas, the compiler will generate a file called hello.ivm which contains an Irie Virtual Machine Executable.

You can run it by entering ivm ./hello or ivm ./hello.ivm.

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