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5.7.2 How do you buy a license

Buying an Irie Pascal license is quick, easy, and secure. You can choose from a number of options when making your purchase. These options are described below.

Buying Licenses:

Not all combinations of options are possible (for example all purchase orders must be sent directly to Irie Tools and not to the other payment processors). For this reason it is recommended that you allow the Irie Tools website to guide you through the buying process. Don't worry it is easier to buy a license than it is to describe how to buy a license.

From the Irie Tools website (at, you will be able to have an order form generated and emailed to you (you would then complete the order form and fax it in or mail it in along with your payment). From the website you will also be able to go to one of the online credit card processors which can accept your payment. The online credit card processors have been carefully selected to ensure that your payment information will be secure, and allow you to download Irie Pascal immediately after your payment is processed.

Sales enquiries can be sent to

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