The supported function


The supported function returns a value of type boolean, which indicates whether a particular feature is supported on the current platform. The parameter passed to this function identifies the feature to be tested for support. If the feature is supported then the value true is returned, and if the feature is not supported then the value false is returned.

Irie Pascal defines a constant for each feature whose availability can be checked with this function. It is recommended that you use one of these predefined constants (as seen in the example above) to indicate which feature you want to check the availability of. This makes your program easier to read and is probably easier than remembering which values corresponds to which features.


The supported function's only parameter is an expression of integral type, and must be equal to one of the feature constants.


   supported(feature_odbc)  returns  true if the current
                                     platform supports ODBC and
                                     false otherwise.


Operating Systems: All
Standard Pascal: No